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Approved! Mortgage over $1M in Brampton

Sustainable income and strong collateral helped us approve this mortgage over $1M in Brampton.

Approved! The purchase of a new home in Brampton will help this family rehabilitate credit and move forward. They’ll also receive peace of mind through our Free Home System Warranty for the full 1-year term! 


  • $1.2M loan amount
  • BFS Income
  • Beacon score 620
  • 30-year amortization
  • Approved at 76% LTV
  • 1-year closed


Financial difficulties and late payments lead this BFS owner of a boutique store into credit trouble. After financially supporting their parents following a failed business venture, they are eager to rebuild their credit and get back on track as a family.

Purchasing and investing in a new family home is the perfect way to start fresh and invest in their future.

Income is sustainable and confirmable given the client has 7 years of experience in the industry. Using a 2-year BFS income average, we were able to approve the mortgage over $1M  with 30-year amortization at 76% LTV.


It’s not uncommon to find clients in need of a mortgage over $1M in major centres across Canada. In February 2022, the price of the average Canadian home was $816,720 – that’s an increase of 20% over 2021. Ontario, New Brunswick, Britain Columbia and Nova Scotia all posted higher than the national average.

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