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Mortgage approval for real estate investment property

Approved! Building a real estate investment portfolio

We made an exception on this lending area to help clients begin to build a real estate investment portfolio that will serve long-term wealth goals.


  • Minesing, ON
  • Owner-occupied
  • 815 Beacon
  • Approved at 75% LTV
  • 30-year amortization
  • 1-year term


We made an exception to approve this owner-occupied purchase in Minesing, Ontario, a small community in Springwater Township between Barrie and Wasaga Beach. The area has experienced a 13%+ increase in population since 2016.

The property is a well-maintained detached home on a large lot. It’s a dream home for our client, the BFS owner of an HVAC tech co. Significant success over the last two years means they can now use this new property as a home office and eliminate the need to lease a separate location.

We used 12 months of business bank statements, supporting invoices, most recent NOA and Articles of Incorporation to determine sustainable and confirmable BFS income. Based on tenure in a high-demand trade, skill set and prime credit, we approved this deal at 75% LTV with a 30-year amortization.

They refinanced their current home and used the ETO for the downpayment of their new purchase. By transitioning the previous home to a real estate investment property, they will generate an additional monthly income of over $2,500.



Location Exceptions

There are sometimes exceptional circumstances surrounding a lending location not officially approved through our stated guidelines. These exceptions are subject to many variables, including but not limited to

Real Estate Investment

Recent data from the Rental Market Report (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)), shows that the demand for rental properties will increase, as will average rent. That provides an opportunity for Canadians to purchase dedicated investment properties or leverage equity to transform existing properties into multi-dwelling units.

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