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Approved! Same day approval on investment property

We leveraged rental income and Canadian Child Benefit to make a same-day approval on this Ottawa investment property.


  • 30-year amortization
  • Canadian Child Benefit
  • Deal approved at 80% LTV
  • 3-year closed
  • 706 Beacon
  • Ottawa, ON


A new year and a new opportunity for a growing family investing in their future with the purchase of an additional investment property in Ottawa, ON.

The property, a townhome, is highly marketable and represents a strong strategic move forward for this family, enabled by an experienced mortgage broker!

Leveraging rental income along with Canadian Child Benefit income and excellent net worth, we approved this deal same-day at 80% LTV.

They will also receive a FULL year of FREE Home System Warranty coverage!


Investment properties has been a popular tool for Canadians interested in growing their income wealth and their real estate portfolio. Rental income not only generates additional monthly income to ease household expenses, but it also provides additional revenues to make approvals easier.

We offer solutions through our MCAN Home Discover Alt series for clients with alternative income like, CCB, Boarder and Contributory income, as well as BFS and rental income.

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