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Approved! Mortgage after bankruptcy

We used contributory income and BFS income to refinance this owner-occupied property to rehabilitate credit following a bankruptcy.


  • Contributory income
  • BFS income
  • 30-year amortization
  • Approved at 75% LTV
  • 2-year closed 


Bankruptcy due to missed payments and mismanaged finances following a separation meant this client needed help with a fresh start.

We refinanced to consolidate first and second mortgages, all outstanding debts, including a vehicle loan, and provide additional funds for home improvements.

With a new focus on a growing entrepreneurial venture and a commitment to financial security, this client is working toward re-established credit and an exciting future!

Using contributory income of up to $1,200 per month from their partner residing in the property and sustainable BFS income, we approved at 75% LTV with a 30-year amortization!

With savings of over $1,500 per month and 1-year of FREE Home System Warranty worth up to $10,00 annually, the client can move forward with peace of mind!


Can I get a mortgage after bankruptcy?

Yes. Having a bankruptcy on your record is never easy and it can make you feel like you can’t bounce back financially – but you can! After a bankruptcy has been discharged you can start new -debt free. With the help of an experienced lender like MCAN Home and the right mortgage broker, anything is possible.


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