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Approved! Mortgage purchase with bridge financing

We approved a purchase in Amherstview, ON for a small business owner using bridge financing, and BFS sustainable income.

Deal Highlights

  • Bridge Financing
  • Amherstview, ON
  • BFS income
  • 30-year amortization
  • Approved at 80% LTV
  • 1-year closed


A new purchase for this small business owner reflects their newfound professional success in the fitness and nutrition industry. The incorporated BFS owner has two years of experience and recently acquired a second business location to amplify growth.

The property, a beautiful two-storey home in Amherstview, ON, is the perfect place for this young entrepreneur to continue investing in their real estate portfolio.

Approval using bridge financing, BFS sustainable income, and excellent credit came with an 80% LTV.


What is bridge financing?

Bridge financing provides a temporary loan to help clients bridge” between selling a current/existing home and buying a new one. It allows you to use the equity as a down payment.

What is MCAN Home’s bridge financing policy?

Bridging solutions are available on both MCAN Precision and MCAN Discover mortgage solutions, with fees applicable as follows. A $300 fee for MCAN Precision and a $500 fee for MCAN Discover Alt with a 8% rate.

Ask your mortgage broker or BDM for details.

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