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Approved! Refinance of a rental under a Holding Company

We refinanced this investment property under a Holding Company for debt consolidation and extra monthly cashflow.


  • 30-year amortization
  • Rental Residence
  • Holding Company
  • Deal approved at 80% LTV
  • 1-year closed
  • Fort Erie, ON


Our client, an experienced landlord with multiple rentals, is refinancing one of the residences under their holding company name in Fort Erie, ON.

Refinancing will generate tangible benefits that will be used to pay off a 1st mortgage on the subject property, pay off the mortgage balance on three additional properties, and will help with renovations that will improve marketability.

With a drive to grow their property portfolio and a commitment to provide a great rental experience, this client has exciting business goals and a bright future ahead.

Approval using an 80% rental offset, sustainable income, and great credit came with an 80% LTV and monthly savings of over $600 per month.


Rental Income: Investment Properties

Subject Property, Owner-Occupied and Rental

  • 100% rental offset based on leases from legal units
  • 80% rental offset on units where legality is unknown

Full rental Non-subject Property and Subject Rental Properties

  • 80% rental offset based on leases

Advantages of a rental offset calculation

  • Deducts rental income from household expenses
  • Allows client to qualify for a higher mortgage amount based on lower ratios than what would be calculated via the Rental Add-Back method

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