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MCAN’s values and culture are rooted in our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, business partners and team members, and their communities:

Our MCAN DRIVE values support lending a hand to

  • Canadians dreaming of home ownership and wealth creation through investment in Canadian real estate;
  • Communities through support and investment in programs that connect, empower and revitalize;
  • Developers committed to social responsibility and building a low carbon world by reducing waste, emissions, and energy consumption;
  • Shareholders by providing transparency on ESG risks and opportunities, and actively managing and improving on reporting on ESG performance to ensure alignment with their vision; and
  • Team members through the cultivation of a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative culture.


  • Supporting sustainable residential communities by providing residential mortgages using responsible underwriting and risk management practices that deal with climate risk on our portfolio
  • Providing capital and loans to real estate developers and investment funds who are committed to community and climate-based responsible development, primarily for residential density development in urban communities close to mass transit
  • Operational efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint


  • Lending to, and investing in, the development of more affordable housing
  • Investing in the communities where our shareholders, customers, business partners and team members call home
  • Creating a positive experience by tailoring products and offerings for our stakeholders and customers to achieve their objectives


  • Ensuring strong governance and risk management practices aligned with our role as a publicly traded regulated financial institution focused on all our stakeholders and their communities.
Planting trees across Canada

Growing Communities

In partnership with One Tree Planted, we plant 4 trees in Canadian regions impacted by forest fires and deforestation for every MCAN Home mortgage we fund.

That’s one for our partner, one for our client, one for our team and one for our community. Last year we planted more than 8,000 trees with the help of our amazing broker partners.

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