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Support for Credit Optimization,Rehabilitation and Education

Support for Credit Optimization, Rehabilitation and Education

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the MCAN SCORE program, designed with your debt-stressed clients in mind, offering financial health and well-being after debt consolidation.

On all MCAN Discover debt consolidation files, we’ll follow-up with two credit check-ups:

  • After 2 quarters: If primary client’s Beacon score has increased by 30 or more points, we’ll pay $500 toward their mortgage. 
  • After 4 quarters: If primary client’s Beacon score has remained the same or increased from the previous check-up, we’ll pay another $500 toward their mortgage. 

This unique program rewards your clients for maintaining a healthy credit score and cultivates positive financial habits. It’s not just about immediate relief, but also about instilling long-term motivation for financial stability.

On all MCAN SCORE deals, we’ll also 4X the MQ Points paid out for all eligible partners! (ICON Program status Innovator and up!)

That’s an extra 20 bps in comp on all SCORE program deals for eligible partners. 

SCORE for your Clients: 

  • Near-immediate positive impact on credit profile.
  • Peace of Mind: No more sleepless nights worrying about outstanding debt.
  • Motivation to cultivate healthy financial habits.
  • Reward for maintaining healthy credit!

SCORE for you: 

  • Happy Clients: Be their financial hero, helping them on their journey to financial freedom.
  • 4x MQ points: Every happy client is a win for you too!

MCAN SCORE is designed to deliver almost immediate results, and our comprehensive support system ensures your clients stay on their path to financial health.

Ready to give your clients the boost they need? Run your deal by the #Hometeam and qualify for our Deal Booster promo, too!

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