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MCAN Financial Group generates growth for investors by providing access to unique financing and investment opportunities through strategic investment in a specialized portfolio of Canadian mortgages, loans, private investment funds, and REITs.

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MCAN Value Proposition

We differentiate ourselves from MIC peers with: 1. A lower risk profile; and 2. Higher returns driven by lower funding costs. We differentiate ourselves from OSFI-regulated peers with: 1. Our construction and other investment portfolio focus.

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MCAN Mortgage Corporation (operating as MCAN Financial Group) is a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MKP). MCAN provides shareholders with access to investments in the Canadian real estate market and the returns that they generate. MCAN’s business includes single family residential lending, residential construction lending, non-residential construction and commercial lending, strategic private investments in MCAP Commercial LP and equity-based real estate development and mortgage funds, and investments in publicly traded real estate investment trusts. MCAN offers CDIC-eligible term deposits to provide a cost-effective source of funding for our investments. MCAN’s wholly-owned subsidiary, MCAN Home Mortgage Corporation, is an originator of single family residential mortgage products across Canada.

MCAN is uniquely structured as a flow-through Mortgage Investment Corporation, meaning that it is not taxed at the corporate level and distributes all its taxable earnings annually. MCAN is also a Loan Company under the Trust and Loan Companies Act (Canada) and is subject to the guidelines and regulations set by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (“OSFI”).


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MCAN Leadership

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Floriana Cipollone

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

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Avish Buck

SVP, Chief Operating Officer | President, MCAN Home Mortgage Corporation

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Carl Brown

SVP, Investments

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Aaron Corr

VP, Chief Risk Officer

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Mike Jensen

VP, Chief Compliance Officer

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Paul Gill

VP, Information Technology

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Nazeera Khan

VP and Chief Audit Officer

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Sylvia Pinto

VP Corporate Secretary and Governance Officer


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