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MCAN Home Precision Prime Interest Rates

Designed for Canadians with high standards and big goals. Targeted purchase-only solutions enable clients with the strategy they need to achieve their long-term objectives.

These are clients who understand the value of working with a Mortgage Broker to secure the best mortgage; most often, first-time buyers without long-standing bank relationships will work with a Mortgage Broker, but increasingly move-up buyers see value in the mortgage marketplace and resist being locked into one institution for all financial services.

Precision Prime interest rates cover our fixed-rate 3- and 5-year mortgage solutions, our Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) solution, and Switch and No Frills options for purchase.

MCAN Home Discover Alt Series Interest Rates

Designed to deliver unique opportunities that redefine what is possible for Canadian homeowners.

Stories start at home, and each one is unique. We developed the Discover Series of mortgage solutions to help Canadians tell their story.

Discover purchase and refinance solutions for entrepreneurial-minded, self-employed professionals, real estate investors and Canadians with non-traditional income or credit challenges.

Discover Alt interest rates cover our fixed-rate 1-, 3- and 5-year mortgage solutions for purchase and refinance.

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