Invested in your future

Work with Canada's leading real estate experts to design the mortgage solution that’s right for you. We have more than 40 years of experience in Canadian real estate financing and investment, a record of growth, secure funding sources and a team recognized for service and innovation all working for you.

Every story begins at Home

We are invested in empowering Canadians with the tools and solutions they need to realize their dreams of home ownership and to build wealth through investment in Canadian real estate. These stories — your stories — begin at Home. Stories of diversity. Stories of entrepreneurship. Stories of family. Stories of real life.


MCAN Experience – Serving clients and community

If you want to buy a new home, vacation or investment property or move your mortgage to access competitive rates and people-first mortgage solutions, we can help you.

Competitive rates

Strategic 1,2,3- and 5-year fixed rates for long term peace of mind, plus 5-year adjustable rates to optimize cash flow and current rate environment.

Build your solution

Precision and Discover series of solutions include fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages, switch transfers and no frills, lower rate options. Pay off your mortgage faster with client-friendly prepayment privileges.

5-star Service

Our industry-recognized high-touch approach means you have all-the-time access to the people and tools you need for an easy, enjoyable mortgage journey, from application to renewal.

Strategy and insight

Foundational strength and knowledge you can trust from our experienced team and established network of accredited mortgage broker partners.


MCAN Mortgage Solutions – Helping Canadians make it home

Redefining opportunities in real estate for Canadians homeowners with mortgage solutions designed for strategic, long-term success.

Increase your purchase power

Alternative income calculations, extended amortization and enhanced debt-servicing ratios mean your money can go further with MCAN Discover Alternative series solutions.

Rehabilitate damaged credit

If you've struggled with credit management in the past or the financial fall-out of a life event like divorce, illness or business closure, there are mortgage solutions designed to help you move forward.

Solutions for self-employed professionals

We have mortgage solutions for Canadians who embrace the rewards of entrepreneurial career. Whether you’re a doctor, a consultant, an aesthetician, an electrician or an actor, we can help you buy your next property.

Build wealth through property investment

Rental properties, in-law suites and conforming basement apartments can supplement your income, increase cash flow and develop your portfolio. We have solutions for both MCAN Precision Prime and Discover Alternative clients.


Peace of mind with every mortgage

Every MCAN Home mortgage includes one full year of FREE Encompass Home System Warranty Program worth up to $10,000 annually.

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