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We work with the best mortgage brokers in the country to create opportunity for Canadians who want to invest in real estate with confidence.

An expert team obsessed with making your deals work

You need more than good rates to compete for informed clients who expect a personal experience, smart features and, yes, competitive interest rates. You expect quick service, great compensation and a partner working with you to build your business.

Welcome to the new MCAN Home. As a preferred partner Broker, you have access to our complete line of mortgage solutions, an award-winning team, and our industry-leading partner program – all built on the foundational strength of one of Canada’s established real estate investment firms, MCAN Financial Group.

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MCAN Precision Prime Series

Designed for Canadians with high standards and big goals. Targeted solutions that enable clients with the strategy they need to achieve their long-term objectives.

The right deal for your client

Insurable, Insured, Switch and Adjustable purchase mortgage solutions available across Canada.

Never lose a deal

Competitive rates, leading compensation, unlimited and discounted buy-down plus preferred status pricing means your MCAN Home pipeline is protected.

Award-winning service

Our industry-recognized high-touch approach delivers a smooth, stress-free experience. Leverage our Deal Run service to make sure your tough deals are packaged for quick approval.

Strategy and insight

Foundational strength and knowledge you can trust from a deep bench of industry pros.


MCAN Discover Alternative Series

Redefining opportunities in real estate for Canadian homeowners through mortgage solutions designed for strategic, long-term success. Help your clients discover what’s possible with MCAN Home.

Alternative Income

Alternative income calculations, extended amortization and enhanced debt-servicing ratios mean your client's money can go further.

Credit Rehabilitation

Clients who have struggled with credit management in the past or the financial fall-out of a life event like divorce, illness, or business closure, find solutions with MCAN.


Rental properties, in-law suites and conforming basement apartments can supplement your client’s income, increase cash flow, and build their portfolio.

MCAN Titan Portal

Secure, powerful document sharing in real-time

Register for access to the all-new MCAN Titan Broker Portal for complete control over your pipeline.

Launch MCAN Titan

Here's how MCAN Home is reframing broker-lender partnership

FREE mortgage payments for your MCAN Discover clients

Discover the impact The MCAN ICON Partner Program can have on your business through added value to client relationships, social impact and strategic growth tools and opportunities. The 2022 program includes exclusive access to product launches, promotions, MQ Points – bonus comp on your MCAN Discover deals – an invite to our annual MCAN Summit, charitable components and, of course, additional ways to award your clients a Free mortgage payment!

LAUNCH your Titan – Our new Partner Portal is now live!

Manage your pipeline through live data, doc sharing and deal-level intel to stay in touch with your team at MCAN on every live application. MCAN Titan is live now!

FREE Home System Warranty Program for all MCAN Home clients

Every MCAN Home client receives one full year of coverage under the Encompass Home System Warranty Program worth up to $10,000 annually.