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Approved! Refinance in
Edmonton, AB using BFS income

We leveraged Business-for-Self income and CPP income to approve this refinance in Edmonton for debt consolidation and home renovations.


  • 35-year amortization
  • BFS Income
  • CPP Income
  • Approved at 79.35% LTV
  • 2-year closed
  • Edmonton, AB



Our client is a Business-for-Self owner of a successful long-running catering company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Her husband has recently retired and is now working in the family business!

They have a steady clientele and a strong reputation in the town after 26 successful years in business.


Refinance bi-level owner-occupied home to consolidate first mortgage, debts and a loan secured during the pandemic.


We determined sustainability and continuity of income after reviewing 12 months of business bank statements, invoices to support the bank statements, the business registration and the 2022 NOA.

Using sustainable full-time BFS income for the main applicant, CPP income from her spouse and great repayment history, we qualified these clients with an extended amortization of 35 years and a 79.35% LTV.


Refinancing paid out the first mortgage, $60,000 in debt, and generated $32,000 additional funds for closing costs and home renovations.

This refi will also save these clients $500 every month!


BFS Smart is new & improved!

You can now offer BFS Smart financing to more clients!

We’ve expanded our list of eligible occupations to include experienced entrepreneurs and small business owners like

  • taxi and delivery drivers,
  • restaurant owners,
  • hairdressers,
  • personal trainers,
  • landscapers and gardeners, and
  • daycare owners!

That’s only part of the list, so grab the complete guidelines here or contact Maxim and the team at for insights on packaging, approvals and process!

We’re dedicated to designing mortgage solutions that make sense for your clients. Discover your MCAN advantage!

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